Sunday, November 19, 2017

Blue Lizard is a young, dynamic, innovative company. We’re focused on being the leading Microsoft experts in this region, and looking for team members (lizards) who fit the bill. If you are interested in not only remaining on the cutting edge but leading the pack, we’re interested in you.

Looking For Something Different. You Just Found It.

Tired of being just a peg in a large corporate cog? So were we. That’s one of the reasons we founded Blue Lizard. Not only to establish a new breed of technology company, but to establish a new breed of employer. We are computer geeks running a company of computer geeks, so you won’t find a bunch of corporate ‘suits’. What you will find is a talented team working together to create mind blowing IT solutions that revolutionize the way our clients do business.

Respect. You’ll Get It Here

Trust. Respect. Support. These are our Golden Rules of team member relations. Here honesty is the only policy. You are an important member of our team and that means your opinion matters. At Blue Lizard we play well with others and that’s the way it should be.

Career Growth. We Really Mean It.

There are no glass ceilings and no deaf ears. We’ll listen to you. Tell us about your “ideal job”, and Blue Lizard will support you as you strive to realize your career goals. Career enhancement benefits include: 1) Complete training library to help keep skills current 2) Full reimbursement for certification exams 3) Company study groups to gain expertise in new technologies and prepare for certification exams.

Opportunity. It Really Does Exist.

Blue Lizard provides opportunities for skill enhancement and growth. Enter our team as a junior developer with little experience and with training, mentoring and guidance, you'll emerge as a developer with multiple skills. We offer rapid promotions based on skill set, opportunities you just won't find in a large corporate giant. Different Environments and different Industries - At Blue Lizard Technologies, no two days are alike. We have projects and customers in numerous industries. Here versatility is key. Our developers may be heads down coding one day and the next day presenting their work to a client. You'll learn to adapt to new environments - a skill that is priceless in today's workforce.


Our experience working with the Blue Lizard staff developing a database can be summed up in one word: Amazing! The database we created is very complicated and requires that detailed information be accurately interrelated. The reports we are able to generate are so comprehensive that I’ve been showing off the results to everyone.

The Blue Lizard staff were very flexible, fun to work with and willing to learn anything and everything about our agency and program operation to ensure that our database is a specialized working tool for our program. This was very important for us as our program required an individualized database that was developed to meet the particular needs of our services; not a general program that we were expected to try to make work for our services.

The end result is simply excellent, the process was simplified so I could easily understand it, and the service has been outstanding!

Stephanie Nantz, Triangle Family Services


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