Sunday, November 19, 2017
Little affects quality of life as much as healthcare. From providing exceptional patient services, to embarking on new developments that will change tomorrow, your industry needs a solutions partner that meets your challenges head-on.

Blue Lizard understands the unique challenges that healthcare and life sciences face as an industry. We specialize in creating and implementing mission-critical applications that deliver healthcare specific solutions. From safeguarding the sensitivity of data to understanding HIPAA compliance issues, Blue Lizard enhances your capabilities.

We have spent years working with renowned physicians, health administrators and teaching hospitals across the country adding to their role in the healthcare value chain. We are equally knowledgeable in meeting the auditing requirements for research and have the experience to provide significant and comprehensive audit trials.

Blue Lizard has the expertise and the experience to integrate many proprietary systems into a unique solution customized to further your strategic goals. Why not hire a technology partner that already understands your industry and your challenges?
Healthcare Solutions
Enhanced Security. Medical data is very sensitive and Blue Lizard has the experience to handle it securely and with care.

Compliance. Blue lizard has the understanding and experience with HIPAA guidelines so that applications are fully compliant.

Value Added. Blue Lizard has the ability to integrate many proprietary systems into a unique solution that provides value throughout the delivery of healthcare.

Comprehensive Audit Trails. Healthcare research demands special auditing requirements and Blue Lizard has the experience to provide significant and comprehensive audit trails.

Industry Specific Experience. Blue Lizard has years of experience working with the top doctors and health administrators in the country.


Blue Lizard developed our human resources database application. It helps us to manage a large amount of information and to query and view specific data necessary to make fair and appropriate management decisions in a large employee environment. I could not do my job without it. It’s powerful, but very user friendly. Many technical people are knowledgeable, but have a hard time communicating and explaining system demands and program specifications to non-technical people. Blue Lizard’s people do not confuse you with technical jargon. They speak clear everyday English. They also deliver what they say the will.

They have always been available to assist in a crisis. Once we deleted some data that we should not have. They responded immediately and helped us recover the deleted data. I have referred them to numerous people and all of them have been just as impressed as we have been.

Florence Brinkhous, Duke University Medical Center


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