Sunday, November 19, 2017
Blue Lizard recognizes the level of trust your clients place in you to provide them with the security they need, especially in today’s world of high-tech criminals and data theft. Financial institutions must maximize the security, access, and utility of their data to remain competitive. And obviously, improving customer service is number one. We specialize in creating and implementing applications that deliver the flexibility and security you need. From keeping sensitive data secure to integrating with existing systems, Blue Lizard can solve your challenges to secure a competitive advantage.

Blue Lizard’s years of experience enable us to effectively leverage resources for optimal results. We bring the right solutions to the table, allowing you to remain focused on your goals, not consumed by routine tasks. We understand the daily business requirements of financial institutions and will make sure you get solutions that work. The results –enhanced flexibility, reduced costs, and IT performance you can count on.
Finance Solutions
Enhanced Security. Payroll certainly ranks highly within any financial system, especially to a company’s employees. In today’s world of identity theft and fraud, providing security is the highest priority. That’s why clients with 50 plus locations around the country choose to send their payroll information using Blue Lizard software.

System Modernization. Blue Lizard successfully converts and migrates accounting data records from obsolete accounting systems to modern systems while minimizing any inconvenience. You can trust in our technical expertise and experience to provide a safe transition.

Reliability. For any business to function the accounting system has to work properly and reliably. However if problems do arise, you need a qualified company to respond quickly. That’s why businesses choose to partner with Blue Lizard. Blue Lizard is a resource that they can count on.


Blue Lizard Technologies has played an important role in developing the medical records program for our practice. They have given us a variety of ideas and information sources. The company has been patient and has brought solutions to each of our problems. They are also very easy to get in contact with, and willing to work closely with staff and contractors associated with our project. If needed again in the future this is the company we will choose.

Mann Ear Nose & Throat Clinic

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