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Customized Microsoft ASP.Net Training Solutions

At Blue Lizard, we offer Microsoft ASP.Net training to our clients who want to learn more about the core technologies we use every day. But rather than providing a typical classroom experience, we work with you to deliver personalized ASP.Net training solutions that work for your company. One of Blue Lizard’s core understandings is that each business is different and requires distinct, customized solutions. To deliver on our promise of customized results, our trainers meet with IT management to establish performance goals and find the best mix of classroom instruction and individual or small group mentoring. We create your curriculum outline based on all of your specific input like management goals, student knowledge base, and desired IT training topics.  

ASP.Net Training with Blue Lizard

With Blue Lizard, our pre-assessments allow us to develop .Net training solutions for each class. You’ll receive custom ASP.NET training courses combined with real-world lab work and post-assessments to reinforce our taught concepts. Our on-site training saves class participants travel time, and on-site post-course mentoring allows class members to apply learned concepts to real projects. Of course, all of our ASP.Net training is done by experienced trainers who have real world project development experience, ensuring that you have only the best trained professionals teaching you such important concepts. As a result, we have an outstanding record of ASP.Net training for small and large programming workshops.  

Outstanding Microsoft ASP.Net Training Company

Blue Lizard can provide your business with the .Net training solutions that it needs. We’ll conduct focus groups with your management and staff to give you the customized curriculum that we always promise. Some of the things that set us apart include, but are certainly not limited to the following:  

Easy Access to Course Materials – all of our instructional materials and code samples will be placed on your intranet or internal network for participants to access during the study group and in the future.

Greater Knowledge Retention Rates – students retain more because our IT training courses take place over weeks and months instead of over a 5-day crash course. 

Lower Per Student Expenditure – mentoring is a surprisingly affordable alternative to standard classroom training.

Lower Tuition – our tuition prices are based on the designed curriculum as well as the number of prospective students. Price breaks are given as more students enroll.

If you’re looking to hire a Microsoft ASP.Net training company, look no further than Blue Lizard. Our training courses in such areas as C# and VB.Net more will allow you learn how to develop useful applications.  Additionally, having your employees learn professional software development methods and standards will increase your business’s productivity. 

Unlike many of the other industry giants, Blue Lizard is all about customization and follow up.  Other solutions that are offered by big name companies are often cookie cutter, go for a week, get blasted and then get back in the real world only to remember parts of what was learned.  At Blue Lizard, our core focus is on training and mentoring in such things as: ASP.Net consulting, ASP.Net developers, ASP.Net programming and more.  We know you have a lot of choices with it comes to finding an IT training company, but you’ll find that Blue Lizard is uniquely suited to provide specific results tailored to your business. Contact us today at 919.858.8885 or toll free at 888.312.5612 to find out how we can help you.

At Blue Lizard, we have a proven track record of successful Microsoft .Net training.  In addition to offering ASP.Net training, we also work with application programming managers, application project managers, applications managers and software managers.  With a core focus on training, mentoring and consulting, we are confident that you’ll be able to use technology to achieve your business goals. We promise to deliver expert Microsoft ASP.Net training that will result in real solutions.  Contact us today so that we can discuss how best to help you achieve your goals.  

Direct One-on-One Interaction – we train through both standard classroom instruction as well as direct mentoring at the employee’s cubicle.

Flexible Training Schedule – you’ll pick the days and times for training sessions that work best for your organization.

Wider Breadth of Topics – we cover a wide range of topics to fully prepare programmers to write good ASP.NET applications.


Blue Lizard developed our human resources database application. It helps us to manage a large amount of information and to query and view specific data necessary to make fair and appropriate management decisions in a large employee environment. I could not do my job without it. It’s powerful, but very user friendly. Many technical people are knowledgeable, but have a hard time communicating and explaining system demands and program specifications to non-technical people. Blue Lizard’s people do not confuse you with technical jargon. They speak clear everyday English. They also deliver what they say the will.

They have always been available to assist in a crisis. Once we deleted some data that we should not have. They responded immediately and helped us recover the deleted data. I have referred them to numerous people and all of them have been just as impressed as we have been.

Florence Brinkhous, Duke University Medical Center


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